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October 7, 2020
Marketing to the Affluent
October 7, 2020

Jerry Lewis cuff links...

There's nothing like a good 'ole string of data rattled off to get someone excited about buying your product. Yeah right!

Numbers, stats, and facts definitely give potential buyers an opportunity to make an "informed" buying decision which is absolutely useful, but rarely do they instill excitement and passion which wins out most of the time. It is a fact that most people buy based on emotions, and stories invoke emotions in us.

There is an episode of the hit show Seinfeld in which Jerry was going to an event that his comedic hero Jerry Lewis was going to be at. Jerry had won Jerry Lewis' cuff links at an auction and he was wearing those cuff links to the event. George suggested that Jerry strike up a conversation with Jerry Lewis by stating they shared the same first name. Seinfeld rebutted how boring and mundane that would be as opposed to actually having cuff links Jerry Lewis once wore.


Your story needs to have an interesting hook, something that will make people tune in to YOU and only you at that moment. Seinfeld was right. How many people are named Jerry? But how many people own a pair of Jerry Lewis' cuff links? Not many I'm sure.

Your Hook

We will discover the hook in your product or service and build a compelling story around it,