Marry story….with selling
October 7, 2020


Who would you rather have as a client:

Someone who has to decide between paying you or keeping their electricity on for the next month?


Someone with discretionary income who doesn't bat an eye at your fees and pays ahead of time?

Our clients prefer the second option. You can make 10X the money with the affluent and it's not 10 times as hard to sell to them. I'm not saying it's a walk in the park, because it does take some work to get in front of them and get them to listen to you but once they do....oh Nelly!

Million Dollar Pen

The view we have for our clients is; work less, earn more.

If you wanted to make a million dollars in sells and you sold pens and you charged $1MM a pen, then you would only need to sell 1 pen. If you sold pens for $500K you would need to sell 2 pens to get to the million. If you sold a pen for $1, you would have to sell 1 million pens to hit the million dollar mark. NO THANK YOU!

Do you see the difference in the amount of work it would take to make $1MM in sales by selling pens for a million dollars each versus for $1 each? The time and manpower is arduous and grueling.

When you work with the affluent, you can charge more, therefore make more and work less. Many of our clients sell exclusively to the affluent community and for those that don't; they have at least carved out a space to sell to the rich folks!

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